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  2. MTA - Wikipedia


    Cray MTA-2, a supercomputer based on the design of the never-built Tera MTA; Message transfer agent or mail transfer agent, software that transfers e-mail between computers; Multi-touch attribution is a form of attribution (marketing) Multimedia terminal adapter, a combination cable modem and telephone adapter

  3. MTA Bridges and Tunnels - Wikipedia


    1,589: Parent: Metropolitan Transportation Authority: Website: mta.info /bandt: The Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority (TBTA), doing business as MTA Bridges and Tunnels, is an affiliate agency of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority that operates seven toll bridges and two tunnels in New York City.

  4. Metropolitan Transportation Authority - Wikipedia


    The large "M" logos on trains and buses were replaced with decals that state MTA New York City Bus, MTA New York City Subway or MTA Staten Island Railway, eliminating inconsistencies in signage. Today, the older "M" logos survive on existing cube-shaped lamps on station lampposts dating to the 1980s, though such lamps have been updated with ...

  5. Mineral trioxide aggregate - Wikipedia


    MTA Angelus Fillapex sealer contains less than 20% tri/dicalcium silicate powder in a salicylate carrier medium similar to Sealapex. By element analysis, there is no bismuth oxide of MTA. EndoSeal MTA, Tech BioSeal MTA are also MTA root canal sealers. MTA is used as filler in the resin like MTA Fillapex. MTA powder is mixed with fillers in the ...

  6. LocalLink 34 (BaltimoreLink) - Wikipedia


    MTA stated that the line was requiring a taxpayer subsidy of $9.41 per rider. Following public opposition, Route M-10 was extended from Greenspring Station to Villa Julie, and this area is currently covered by Route 60. This was after the portion of Route M-10 along Falls Road was also proposed for elimination but successfully fought.

  7. LocalLink 92 (BaltimoreLink) - Wikipedia


    LocalLink 92 is a school-day only bus route operated by the Maryland Transit Administration in Baltimore. The line currently runs from Glen Avenue and Key Avenue in Northwest Baltimore to Smith Avenue and Copper Ridge Road in Mount Washington or Old Court Road and Scotts Hill Drive in Pikesville.

  8. Chase & Status - Wikipedia


    The digital single was released on 26 June and includes remixes from MTA Records artists Dream Mclean, Kove and Josh Butler. On 17 June 2013, MTA Records announced that newly signed Elli Ingram will support them on tour and feature on the album. On 26 July 2013, they announced the album title to be Brand New Machine.

  9. Legal status of ayahuasca by country - Wikipedia


    This is an overview of the legality of ayahuasca by country.DMT, one of the active ingredients in ayahuasca, is classified as a Schedule I drug under the United Nations 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances, meaning that international trade in DMT is supposed to be closely monitored; use of DMT is supposed to be restricted to scientific research and medical use.