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  2. Berkeley Student Cooperative - Wikipedia


    The Berkeley Student Cooperative ( BSC) (formerly known as University Students' Cooperative Association or the USCA) is a student housing cooperative serving primarily UC Berkeley students, but open to any full-time post-secondary student. The BSC houses and/or feeds over 1,300 students in 17 houses and three apartment buildings.

  3. Third mate - Wikipedia


    A third mate ( 3/M) or third officer is a licensed member of the deck department of a merchant ship. [1] The third mate is a watchstander and customarily the ship's safety officer and fourth-in-command (fifth on some ocean liners). The position is junior to a second mate. Other duties vary depending on the type of ship, its crewing, and other ...

  4. W. Averell Harriman State Office Building Campus - Wikipedia


    Coordinates: 42°40′46.32″N 73°48′34.2″W. The W. Averell Harriman State Office Building Campus is an office park in western Albany, New York, United States that houses sixteen New York State Government office buildings. The land totals roughly 330 acres (130 ha) and over 3 million square feet (280,000 m 2) of office space, [1] and ...

  5. Najib Razak - Wikipedia


    Najib Razak. Dato' Sri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak ( Jawi: محمد نجيب بن عبدالرزاق, Malay pronunciation: [muˈhämmäd˺ ˈnäd͡ʒɪb˺ -d͡ʒeb˺]; born 23 July 1953) is a Malaysian politician who served as the sixth prime minister of Malaysia from April 2009 to May 2018. He is the son of another former ...

  6. Harford County, Maryland - Wikipedia


    Harford County is located in the U.S. state of Maryland. As of the 2020 census, the population was 260,924. [1] Its county seat is Bel Air. [2] Harford County is included in the Baltimore-Columbia-Towson, MD Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is also included in the Washington-Baltimore-Arlington, DC-MD-VA-WV-PA Combined Statistical Area .

  7. Olympiastadion (Munich) - Wikipedia


    Olympiastadion (Munich) Olympiastadion [3] ( German pronunciation: [ʔoˈlʏmpi̯aːˌʃtaːdi̯ɔn]) is a stadium located in Munich, Germany. Situated at the heart of the Olympiapark München in northern Munich, the stadium was built as the main venue for the 1972 Summer Olympics .

  8. Mohamed M. Atalla - Wikipedia


    (June 2022) Mohamed M. Atalla ( Arabic: محمد عطاالله; August 4, 1924 – December 30, 2009) was an Egyptian-American engineer, physical chemist, cryptographer, inventor and entrepreneur. He was a semiconductor pioneer who made important contributions to modern electronics.

  9. GSM - Wikipedia


    The Global System for Mobile Communications ( GSM) is a standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to describe the protocols for second-generation ( 2G) digital cellular networks used by mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. It was first deployed in Finland in December 1991. [2]